Mr. Stephen Hartwell joins the Admiral Carey Foundation Board of Advisors

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Stephen Hartwell, Chairman Emeritus of the Washington Mutual Investors Fund, has joined the Admiral Carey Foundation Board of Advisors. Steve Hartwell is a well-known and highly respected Washingtonian who rose to the top of the financial world as the Chairman who took Washington Mutual Investors Fund from a small fund, under one billion, to at one point well in excess of $60 billion. He is also the Former Chairman of the George Washington LIFE GUARD at the George Washington Estates at Mount Vernon. The LIFE GUARD is a prestigious support organization at Mount Vernon, named after the organization that was in charge of the personal security of George Washington when he was General Washington during our American Revolution. George Washington formed the LIFE GUARD since that was before America had a Secret Service that performed those personal security duties.

Admiral Carey released a Foundation Statement today stating, “I have known Steve Hartwell for over 30 years and am truly pleased and exceptionally proud that he has agreed to serve on the Foundation Board of Advisors. His tremendous accomplishments in the financial world are truly legendary and we are indeed fortunate to have a Board Member of his stature and record of accomplishment”.

Mr. Hartwell’s listing on the Board of Advisors may be accessed by clicking on the Foundation Website URL listed below, and then clicking on the Board of Advisors link on the left hand side of the home page. The Board of Advisors listing is in alphabetical order.

The Admiral Carey Foundation Management Team

Will Brooks
Mr. Will Brooks
Director of Long Range Philanthropy
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Mr. Jason Nguyen
Director of Programs
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Ms. Hanna Slomianyj
Ms. Hanna Slomianyj
Director of Women's Programs
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