The Chairman’s Message – January 2009

January 2009

A Message From Admiral Carey

Time marches on and the 9th year of the 21st Century is upon us. And much is happening in the foundation that hopefully is establishing the groundwork to make the lives of others better in the future, as well as providing opportunities for future generations that did not exist in my own. Our focus on bringing leadership training and leadership opportunities to the young men and women that will lead our nation in the future is beginning to take form and substance, and each month we seem to get closer to our goals and objectives in putting this structure together. Just a few of the specifics follow, with more to come in the ensuing months.

We continue to work closely with the Future Leaders for America Foundation and their Washington Scholars Program, in our opinion one of the very finest internship and fellowship programs in Washington, DC. The Washington Scholars motto is “Training Tomorrow’s National Leaders Today” and I have now watched them do precisely that for the past 10+ years. This is a superb program that as of this writing has now trained over 40 young men and women who are today working full time in areas of national public policy in our nation’s capitol. What a tremendous return on the investment in these young men and women as they embark NOT just in jobs, but on a lifetime career path in national service and national public policy. You can see the outstanding accomplishments of these fine future leaders at and

I was privileged last month, with thanks to Karen Groff, an exceptional foundation executive professional, to meet with Mr. Charles Lukens Huston, III, Chief Operating Officer of The Huston Foundation in Philadelphia. The Huston Foundation was founded by Mr. Huston’s parents and does outstanding work in Greater Philadelphia and all around the nation—- see . Mr. Huston, who goes by the nickname of Skip, and is a U. S. Air Force veteran, spent much of the afternoon with me as he outlined how he and his family have built the Huston Foundation, their operating and endowment models, and in general everything that is involved in managing and operating a foundation of this magnitude. It was a tremendously valuable day for me as I learned “at the knee of a master”, and I feel much more confident than ever that our foundation is on the right track and is going to achieve all the goals we have set for ourselves and for future generations.

One relatively new program that our foundation is strongly supporting is the Veterans Internship/Fellowship Program that brings military veterans to Washington, DC for training and experience that can then help them to begin a career as a Congressional Staff Member. In my opinion, this is a tremendous program because it trains these veterans so they can be available to serve as Congressional Staff and bring their military experience, combat experience, and military and veterans medical care experience to the Members of Congress so that their firsthand experience in these areas can help the Congress to improve all the programs that are meant to ensure that our military men and women have the best equipment possible to ensure their survival and the best medical care possible to ensure their recovery from injuries and wounds incurred in service to their nation. The focus here is to ensure their tremendous expertise is made available to the Congress so that there is firsthand input on how to fix and improve these programs. The first graduate of this program is Army CPT Bo Prosch, a combat veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq, who served his fellowship on the staff of Senator Ensign of Nevada, and based on that training and experience and credentials, has been hired to serve as a Military Legislative Assistant in the U. S. Senate. This is truly an outstanding success story, and exactly the kind of programs that will make excellent use of the experience and expertise of our nation’s military veterans. More on this program later as we bring more and more veterans into the program, plus you can read full details on how the program works by clicking on “Wounded Veterans Internship/Fellowship Programs” in the links on the left hand side of the home page of our foundation website.

As you can see, there is MUCH going on as we begin this New Year of 2009 in the 21st Century. We look forward to the future with great confidence and a renewed focus on making America better through this foundation’s support of programs and projects that are designed and proven to do just that.

With all good wishes, Yours For America,

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Chairman

The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation

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